Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December Forecast

It's the beginning of December, and I already think I know what's going to go down for the rest of the month... For starters, this is the last week of classes and then there is exam week. I basically have something due every day for this week, so that means every night is going to be spent at the computer, working on papers and projects that should have been started a long time ago. Plus, being the super-involved student that I am, I have to attend a lot of trite holiday parties and get-togethers even though I'm so busy. Hopefully they'll serve as a reprieve, but usually they just add to the stress.

But this week happens every year, and to everyone. I'll get through it, turn in all my stuff, take all my final tests, and be done with it. I really can't wait. However, I'll then be stuck on campus on RA duty until December 20th. Most of the people I know will be leaving to go home for the holidays around December 12th, so that means I'll be pretty much on my own for over a week. Sure, there will still be some people around, but I'm not good at taking initiative with starting social interactions. And I'm kind of stuck right now between looking forward to the down time (I will have plenty of time to read and write), and dreading the boredom and loneliness that I'm bound to deal with.

But then I will get to go home for Christmas, so I know the end of the month will be awesome. It's just looking at the stress and then boredom of the next few weeks that gets me worried. I don't know how much I'll write in the blog this current week (because, well, I'll be writing plenty of other things). But I will surely blog after exam week when I'm here by myself. I think I'll need this place to unload, and who knows, maybe it will end up being a rather blessed month for me. I just have to keep Matthew 6 in mind (as always).

Oh, and I realize this is random, but another good thing about the next few weeks is that Survivor: Gabon is wrapping up. I've been watching this show since it first aired in 2000 (wow, that's been awhile), and I'm still a huge fan. The previous two seasons were a bit disappointing to me but this one has been epic, and I think it's a combination of improved casting and a stellar location. The intro is below so you can see what I'm talking about. I know, I'm a reality show nerd. It's one of my few hobbies. That, and enjoying a wide variety of music, a new playlist of which is in the sidebar. :) Take care, everyone!

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