Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eternity On My Mind

Hey guys! I know it's been forever, but if you read the last post, you probably have an idea why. Things are actually settling down right now. I like to call this "the calm before the storm." The penultimate round of tests and papers are done with, and now all that's left are finals. They're still a few weeks off, though, so people are doing their best to enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays before crunch time hits like whoa.

In spiritual matters, though, I got to thinking today (dangerous, I know). I do not keep eternity in mind enough. When I sin, I sin knowingly. Wouldn't I be more cautious about sin (and sinful situations) if Heaven (or Hell) was on my mind more?

If I really believed that I was preparing myself for God's holy Kingdom, then wouldn't situations in which I was likely to sin be something that I tried to avoid desperately? And yet, that often isn't the case. I run towards stumbling blocks more than away from or around them, and this goes for several situations: from TV shows and websites that don't help in the lust department, to arguments and interactions that don't help in the anger department. If I really had Heaven in mind, and was preparing myself for it, wouldn't these things be easier to turn away from?

And on the other side of things. Even though I believe by grace I am saved through the blood of Christ, my sins are still abominable to Him. They are the very things that would justly damn me were it not for His grace. Knowing this, then, why is it so hard to not do them? I feel I'm doing my best to try, but often it looks like my victories are insignificant next to my stumbles, and it's quite discouraging.

If eternity were on my mind more, I am sure things would be different. But how do I get to that point? I pray about it, but what does it really take to change one's mindset to something that is focused on the "now" to something focused on "the eternal now"? Thoughts?

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