Saturday, September 16, 2006

Work (And Other Things)

Big news: I have a job! Okay, it's not a really cool job, and it doesn't pay so much, but it's work. I am now a desk receptionist in my dorm. My hours are pretty bad (Friday nights till midnight and Saturday afternoons), but it's pretty easy. All I have to do is make sure everyone coming in has their Student ID, answer the phone, and page the RA if someone locks themselves out of their room (which happens quite often, apparently). Mostly I just sit behind the desk and play on the computer, though. That's what I'm doing right now, in fact. Yep, blogging while at work--I should be ashamed of myself, but I'm not ;-)

The job has allowed me to meet more people in the dorm, though. The desk is right next to the first floor's common room, so I get to eavesdrop on a lot of gossip. Turns out that one of the guys on the first floor is openly gay. The strangest thing is that I had seen him before and he in no way set of my "gaydar." I mean, not even slightly. Every time I see him he's with a group of macho straight frat guys. Contrast this with me who, though I wouldn't call myself feminine, do usually hang out with girls or the more offbeat/artsy guys.

Though this guy is intriguing (not to mention attractive), I haven't really spoken to him yet. This pretty much brings out the whole dilemma I talked about in "Disputed Motivation." Obviously I want to meet and talk to him more, but is it because I simply want to connect with someone who is like me, or is it because I want to start a romantic relationship?

Let's see, in other news: "Survivor" premiered Thursday. Man I love that show, but it's one of those guilty pleasure things that you really don't want to admit to people. My dad once applied to get on (after I had annoyed him enough to do it). He didn't make the cut, but his audition tape is a part of family history now (it was quite funny, and involved him kayaking, four-wheeling, and playing a riff on his electric guitar).

I don't care too much for this season's twist, in which they divided the 20 contestants into four teams based on race: African-Americans, Whites, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans. I feel like it was too much of a publicity stunt, but then again, this is television. I think those people who are raising Cain about it need to prioritize and focus on issues that could actually benefit their respective races.

Oh well, that's my rant for the day. Comment on whichever portion you'd like (or if you're feeling really feisty, all three ;-) Have a good one.

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