Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Sole Purpose Of This Post Is To Make People Jealous Of My Geographic Location

Hey guys. As you can see from the title, this is simply going to be a brag about the beautiful weather we've been having down here recently. So, for those of you in colder climates who aren't enjoying them right now, and might hate me if you read on, then please turn away now.

As a native Carolinian, I'm not really used to intensely cold autumns or winters anyway. Snow might happen every three years or so (unless you live in the mountains). But this year is just ridiculous. We're in the middle of October, and I haven't seen a single tree's leaves start changing colors: not a single one. The weather has lost the humidity of the summer, but the warmth isn't going anywhere. These past few days have been bright, sunny, and a very comfortable temperature (by that I mean you wear a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops temperature). It feels like early spring. Heck, it looks like early spring. You see, there are azalea bushes spread all over campus, and they've been blooming--that's right: blooming--over the past week, so the campus is now decorated with flowers. I don't know my plants that well, but azalea's aren't supposed to bloom in October, are they?

So yeah, nothing more to comment on right now. Last night at Campus Crusades (one of the Christian organizations on campus), they started planning for the winter retreat. Winter? I'm waiting for fall! Love the weather though I do, it does seem a bit unnatural. Oh well, hope no one hates me now (I warned you!). Is it warmer than usual where you are too?

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