Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good Conversation Over At Angie's

Hey guys. Angie over at Angie's Aim is leading a series of blog discussions on homosexuality and Christianity. Nothing fancy, really. She's just raising her own questions and opinions and asking others to join in respectful dialogue. So far lots of people, both affected and unaffected by this issue, have joined in. Angie's already made a few posts, but I think she's planning on three more. If you feel you want to get on over there and share your opinions and experiences--or raise your own questions--I encourage you to do so. Right now she's posted about gay Christians who have chosen to follow the Bible's teachings on homosexuality, so I guess that's my cue to post something! Don't worry; I'll be writing something of substance in the near-future (there are a lot of things on my mind right now), but I have a ton of homework this week (50+ math problems, 5 extra credit papers, and three tests to study for :-/

God Bless,


Angie said...

Thanks Jay... Most of my blog readers are Christian (mainly from Churches of Christ) who know very little/nothing about homosexuality except what they *hear*... so it has been good to ease them into a more compassionate view of gay people. Odds are that the fundamental beliefs won't change (about homosexuality being a sin), but dang... we can hopefully get them to do A LOT better in the loving and understanding department! Your presence there, Jay, along with Irrational Entity... just meant so much to me. You guys rock!

And I anxiously await more of your thoughts here... I'll try not to be such a lame blog friend & neglect you as I have been doing!

Until then... Good luck on all your studies!

Jay said...

Thanks Angie. You're doing good work, I must say. I love these type of conversations. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to go online to partake in them, but oh well.

And don't worry about being a lame blog friend. I think I'm getting some neglect from some other people too ;-) Nah, I'm just paranoid because my last post was my first "0 comments" post ever. *chills*

Irrational Entity said...

What were you expecting with a post entitled "The Sole Purpose of This Post is to Make People Jealous of My Geographic Location" followed by details? I do not visit here to be abused in such a cruel manner.

Jay said...

I'll assume there was a humorous tone around that, Irrational. :)

I was just joking; it really didn't bother me, since I really wrote that post to a VOX reader who had just made a long post complaining about the weather she was getting out in the Midwest. I got comments on it on my VOX blog, so that's enough for me :)

Richard Bourbon said...

Thanks for linking to this series, Jay. I don't agree with Angie on this issue, but really do appreciate her thoughtfulness and kindness. It's rare in the evangelical world.