Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two Things To Read About: One Bad, One Good

Hey guys! Well, this weekend I'm driving around the great state of North Carolina in my beat up Ford Tempo (which I just learned was on this blog's list of the worst cars ever, huzzah). I've been visiting friends, driving to places that I've never driven through before (the mountains are gorgeous!) and Monday I will be touring a potential graduate school (that's right! "Adventures of a Christian Grad Student" could be right around the corner!) While I'm hanging out with a bud near Asheville, I thought I'd blog a bit. Yes, I know my blogging recently has been more along the lines of finding cool articles to direct you towards, dear readers, than writing cool articles myself. I guess I'm just a Senior who's busy with two jobs and writing a Hemingway thesis. Sue me, okay?

Warren Throckmorton has written an excellent piece about some of the horrible things going on in Uganda right now. I know Exodus has said they weren't involved in the conference in Kampala that started this madness, but even so, they were involved enough that I think a statement about the violations of human rights that are going on would be appropriate. I know Exodus has made statements about violations of free speech in America and around the world (especially those that happen against conservatives or Christian). Making a similar statement about the violation of these same rights against gays seems necessary, to me. And we should pray that the government of Uganda begins recognizing what democracy and freedom really mean.

Also, Disputed Mutability is back, everyone! I missed the girl, but of course being a mother and wife is a pretty taxing job that does take some time away from writing massive, brilliant posts. And yet, here she has written one. It's a really great reflection about identity, labels. In short: they're confusing. But she does make a lot of good and balanced reflections about them, Exodus, and the ex-gay movement as a whole. The world needs more Christians like her.

Hope you guys are well. Read those posts and enjoy, and if you have any comments about either, leave them here. Take care!

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