Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well This Should Be Fun

It appears as though Joseph Nicolosi has a book and new theories about the origins (and "cure") for homosexuality. If the excerpts from Dr. Warren Throckmorton's latest blog post are any indication of the rest of Nicolosi's new book (Shame and Attachment Loss: The Practical Work of Reparative Therapy) then it seems that Nicolosi's theories have become even further detached from reality (who knew that would be possible?) I didn't know that my same-sex attraction was the result of me hating myself as a child, or that this self-hatred was triggered by "abandonment-annihilation trauma" (which is especially funny when you consider that I was around my parents 24/7 since dad worked at home and mom was my elementary school teacher... yeah, I totally didn't get enough parental attention).

Dr. Throckmorton is prepping to write a more in-depth review of the book (and someone should seriously consider giving the man an award of some kind for taking the time to actually read and respond to such things seriously). Like all of Nicolosi's work, though, there are already some painfully obvious affronts to common sense involved, the clearest of which Throckmorton writes about here.

This should be reasonably easy to test. If all of this is true, homosexuals should be unable to hold jobs, or advance in careers, or do other things which require secure object relations and attachments. And of course, this is the practical problem for the practical work of reparative therapy. Many gay, ex-gay, post-gay, and SSA people do not have lives which correspond to the predictions in this book. Nor do their lives indicate the kind of deep self-deficits which are predicted here.

Oddly enough, homosexuals seem to be very adept at holding jobs, advancing in careers, and building secure relationships. Whatever "inadequacy" Nicolosi's clients feel, I think I can look back at my multiple academic scholarships, very good grade point average, loving friends and family, and say that, "No, despite my SSA, I don't feel inadequate or insecure at all." And since Nicolosi likes to speak for all homosexuals (except lesbians, whom he ignores), I think my own experiences would disprove him right out of the gate, right?

Either way, Nicolosi's ridiculous, but if you enjoy a further demonstration of craziness (and being a fan of reality television, I always do), then I suggest you keep an eye on Throckmorton's blog and watch as he decronstructs Nicolosi (yet again). Bring out the popcorn.

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