Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey, She Almost Stole My Blog Title...

Karen Keen (who I am obligated to say is awesome, in case you didn't know) recently posted a great summary of what it's like to be a gay student at a Christian college (and by gay, I mean SSA, ex-gay, struggling, or whatever your term of choice is). She took notes from the recent study about gay Christian college students out of Regent University (which links to my blog, for some strange reason), the testimonies of Wheaton College graduates like Wesley Hill and Steve Slagg, and the outsider's perspective of Kevin Roose, a non-Christian who went to Liberty University for a semester and wrote a pretty interesting book about his experiences (which I also suggest you read if you haven't already).

The comments section of Karen's post is also getting some really cool action, especially from other gay students and alums from Christian colleges. I guess I'm not the only Christian collegian having adventures out there, am I?

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