Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, And Cranberry Sauce!

Yes, that's a reference to the Geico commercial starring Little Richard (I should've thrown in a "whoo-hoo" at the end ;) ). Anyway, I'm heading home for Thanksgiving Break today. I'm so excited I can't even put it into words. I'm just ready to get home and see all of my family and friends, sleep in my old room (although I'm a little worried about what Mom might have done to it since I've left), and of course, eat some home-cooked food! I wish the weather was a little nicer (it's rainy and pretty cold), but oh well, it's not stopping me.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday. I might not be able to blog over break since all we have is a dial-up connection at home (personally, I don't know how I lived with one all those years). But I will try to check comments and e-mails if I can. Stay safe everybody, and for those of you cooking the meal, stay stress-free ;).

God Bless,


Peterson Toscano said...

jay, have a wonderful time, and bring dirty laundry. Moms just love that.

ON THE ROAD MYSELF WITH MY dad driving to the Midwest where I doubt I will get a very vegan Thanskgiving.

kurt_t said...

I'm pretty sympathetic towards the idea of humane food choices, but I can honestly say I'd drive to the nearest forest preserve and strangle a fluffy woodland creature with my bare hands before I'd eat tofurkey again.

Joe said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jay.

We Brits tend to have our 'Harvest Festival' at the end of September and our turkeys are safe until Christmas.

If you see a Pilgrim, give him/her a big hug. :)

grace said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jay! I just might get around to sending you that book I promised before the Christmas break.

And BE CAREFUL....as your mother might say, and I've said to my own 19 yr.old "it's not you that worries me...it's all the other crazy drivers out there!"


Irrational Entity said...

Happy celebration of the white male patriarchy day. . . wait, I'm not in class anymore. Happy Thanksgiving!

Jay said...

Thanks everyone! I arrived safely, and I enjoyed today's meal. In fact, I think I could go for a turkey sandwich right now. Sorry, Peterson, no vegans in this house ;-)

Hope you all are having a nice holiday, too,


Pomoprophet said...

I recently found your blog. And just started a blogspot of my own. We have alot in common...