Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is one of the most remarkable videos I've ever seen. Granted, the song playing in the background does a lot for it, because otherwise it's just a silly guy doing a silly dance all over the world with lots of different people. But you know what? It's refreshing to see that everyone can be silly, that everyone can dance, and that everyone can smile. It shows that the crooked timber of humanity isn't totally bent, and that we all have a shared humanity and a Creator that loves us and put care into making each of us.

Also, I want to travel as much as this guy has. He's lucky, and you should check out his website to learn how he pulled this off. Till then, my summer program is going well (although the kids can be a hassle) and I can't wait to be back at the beach. God bless you!


ODRE_NUEVO said...

How good, beautiful dancing and share it with many nationalities Does silly? jajaja perhaps, but sack that spark that we all have children but sometimes that costs us a lot out.
good that you do well in summer school and keep a lot of patience with these young people, God you a lot of serenity.

God bless you.

David said...

There are two places I have lived in that video. I feel right special. But also left out that I wasn't there to dance.

ophir said...

I'm computerless for a week and when I return everything's changed here! But the new design is cool. As for this video... I'm really not the jealous type but man, this guy sure is lucky. If Wrigley's or Trident happen to be reading this I'll be willing to dance twice as much and I'll even juggle (I'll probably drop the balls, but hey it's all about being silly and carefree, no?). We'll drive Stride straight outta business. Then again, I too have lived in two of those places and I've been to at least another dozen so I guess I have seen my fair share of the world. Still, this guy's been to Bhutan, Mali, Morocco, the Pacific Islands, Japan, Iceland...... though I do hope he got to see nicer parts of Tel Aviv than Dizengoff Square.

Glenn Houtchens said...

Thanks for sharing that cool video- it made me smile and gave me some hope- Thanks Jay, and thank you Matt !!!!