Monday, May 05, 2008

Two Down

Wow... I finished my last exam today. Now all I have to do is finish up a few little things and pack my belongings, and I'm done with my second year in college. It's very possible that my undergraduate career is half over (of course, it's equally possible that I might become a fifth-year senior; it's pretty common nowadays). Either way, I simply can't understand how time has passed by so quickly.

At the same time, I don't think time has passed so quickly at all. It's weird how two years can see fast and slow at the same time. I think people really over-emphasize the speed at which life passes. Sure, I remember my first day of college like it was yesterday. That, however, was a landmark event in my life, so it's natural it would be etched into my memory a bit more. The same goes with any landmark event, really. I remember lots of things like they just happened.

When I think back on these past two years, and I mean really think about them, they honestly don't seem that fast at all. So much has happened, only a fraction of which has been chronicled in this blog (or in my own handwritten journal, for that matter). It actually kind of amazes me how much stuff has been crammed into these two years. I have learned so much, met so many people, and grown so much that I don't really feel like the same person that I was two years ago.

I've often heard people use the cliche expression "appreciate your time" when talking to me (or people my age) about college. It's a true enough expression, yet at the same time I don't feel that I could do anything other than appreciate my time. I'm here, and this is what's happening, and I have no choice but to appreciate it by simply living. Maybe some people live without appreciating their situation, but for me, it almost comes naturally.

Maybe what they mean is to spend time doing things that you won't regret. I can certainly understand that, but regrets are a tricky business. There are probably many situations that were not good for me over the past two years, yet at the same time they have all helped me grow into the person that I am today, and I like that person a lot. Even though my college experience so far hasn't been completely perfect (nothing ever is), I still am glad for it.

Anyway, all of this is basically just to say that I have been in college for two years. Wow. I have also been maintaining this blog for about that same amount of time as well, and am equally grateful and appreciative for all of you people who (for one reason or another) have been reading. Thank you for everything. I'll be going back home soon, which means I'll be back on a dial-up connection. I still will try to blog, though, and I hope you all have a great summer!


RikFleming said...

I remember when I was in college and then in seminary. Finishing an exam was sort of like being on a long road trip on which you had to go pee really bad and when you reached your destination you finally felt some relief, "Ahhhhhh!"

I think the perception of the passing of time and whether or not you make the most of it has to do with a matter of balance in your focus. If you focus so much on your immediate task (homework, exams, your job) or in the future (obtaining a carrier, your next degree, the next step in the corporate ladder) and forget to get out and enjoy life (go for a hike in the forest, spend time with friends, develop close bonds with people) then time goes by as our head in buried in our work and we miss it all.

I have "been there, done that."

We can either see time as an enemy that is stalking us or as a friend who goes with us along the way.

The difference is how we us it - to live a life of sin or to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. (Ephesians 5:15-16)


Jay said...

Very wise words, Rik (and quite an accurate description of exams, as well). I think that was what I was trying to get at in this post, especially this line: We can either see time as an enemy that is stalking us or as a friend who goes with us along the way.

Very true, and well-said as always. Take care of yourself, and thanks for stopping by.

Pomoprophet said...

Appreciate your time...

:) I wish my school year was done this week. Its not fair! Ive still got a month left.

When I think of that cliche phrase to me it reminds me to slow down and appreciate even the mundane and boring and difficult. As humans we are always looking forward to what it next because somehow its going to fulfill us. But that just makes us miss out on living in the here and now. I think anyone who can consistently live in the here and now has something figure out the rest of the world doesn't.

Even my statement above about longing for summer. Its ok to look forward to things but I am just ducking my head trying to make it through the remainder of this tough year. Rather than trying to find God in the difficulties and overwhelmedness that is my life.

So, with that said, you're gonna have some awesome experiences this summer. Enjoy them as best you know how.

Brandon said...

Congrats on finishing up that second year. Hope you did well on your exams.

And now just think of all that summer vacation time you have before you. I hope you have fun and enjoy it. By all means, keep up with the blogging though. You're an encouragement to all. And if you want to know why I keep reading, it's because I like you're positive attitude about things. I tend to always be looking at the glass as half empty, but you seem to always look at it as half full. You encourage me to do the same.

God bless ya.

kurt_t said...

Going to any Gay Pride events in June? I'm doing the Pride Run in Golden Gate Park on June 28th I think it is.

Well, in my case it's more like the Shame Run. I think last year I came in 42nd in my age group.

My plan is to outlive my entire generation. It's the only way I'm ever going to win a medal. If I can make it to the 90-and-over category, I think I might have a chance.

Jay said...

No, in June I'm working for Duke University. :-D

Good luck on your run, though!

kurt_t said...

Duke? Whatcha doing at Duke? Weren't you a camp counselor last summer? Or am I think of some other blogger?

The summer I was 18, I had the most boring campus job of all time. I had to update the card catalog. Not an online catalog. I mean an actual card catalog. Pull out the old cards. Put in the new cards. Pick up another box of cards. All day.

It was so boring I'm convinced it caused permanent brain damage, and that's why I'm always losing my sunglasses and can't parallel park.

Jay said...

I worked as a camp counselor last summer, and planned to again this summer, but the Duke opportunity came along and I didn't have time to do both. I'm going to be working at a summer program for academically gifted middle schoolers (seriously, these kids are geniuses). It should be fun, and here's hoping no brain damage occurs.

tilts_at_windmills said...

Congrats on making the halfway mark in college!

Is the Duke program you're working for TIP? I went three times as a teenager and loved it. There's a lot of cool, interesting people who teach there. Being RA to those kids won't be easy, though. Middle schoolers are bad enough, but middle schoolers who've been told they're gifted . . . the phrase "herding cats" comes to mind.

kurt_t said...

Oh it's a live-in program! Lord help ya, Jay.

Well, now I'm really looking forward to the summertime blog entries. It's going to be like The Facts of Life meets Going My Way with a little To Wong Foo thrown in.

Jay said...

Tilts: Yep, it's TIP. I had applied to be a TA but they thought I was too energetic to just be in the classroom, so I'm gonna be an RA. :-)

I'm used to a wide range of kids thanks to summer camp, but a whole lot of gifted kids really is going to be a challenge. Glad you enjoyed it, though!

Kurt: You should really propose that sitcom to one of the networks. I dunno how much I'll be able to blog. They're pretty strict about privacy and such (even if I don't use names).

yosef said...

somehow the first two years of college seemed to last about a century for me, but the next two and grad school have been zipping on by. Older people in my life have also often said the stuff about appreciating my time now, but often as if it's all downhill after this period. I'm sure that's more a reflection of them, and from reading your blogs, somehow I don't think that will be the case for you at all!