Monday, September 17, 2007

September High

Autumn is back in North Carolina, and as always it's a big hit in my book. I love the cool breezes and the clear blue skies. The natural world may begin to die in autumn, but to tell the truth I'd be hard-pressed to find a time of year that filled me with a greater sense of warmth, newness, truth, and light.

Today I was walking back from my old dorm towards my apartment. As I walked, the sun shone right in my eyes. There was just so much light! I saw people out--some I knew, most I didn't--playing soccer, tennis, volleyball, and basketball. People were out walking, running, riding their bikes, playing with their dogs. It was just all so nice, and to think this happens all the time and I barely notice it. I also had the song "Wind" by Japanese pianist Akeboshi in my head. Despite the fact that Akeboshi's thick accent is hard to understand, it's still a beautiful song. Either way, I could really feel God's presence there with me.

I wonder if I can feel like that every day, when the sun is not in my eyes and the weather isn't as perfect. How about when I'm caught in the rain, when I'm stressed out, when my life isn't going the way I want it to, when there are no good songs in my head. Can I still feel God's presence then?

Surely I can, for He is always with me. A beautiful God, He takes me as I am, though others may not. No wonder I would give up love and family to serve Him. To feel everyday the way I've felt today--even when the September high passes--would be worth it.

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