Friday, May 11, 2007

Update (And A Prayer Request!)

Hey everybody! I made it through my exams, packed up all my things, and now I am back home safe and sound. It's really good to be home, though I have to admit that I'm going through some withdrawal symptoms. It really is hard to give up high speed Internet! I'm back on dial-up here, so I feel much less connected to the world and I have to rely on CNN for news. :-(

Other than that, I'm doing well. My cousin is getting married tomorrow, so we're gonna be on our way up to Virginia to celebrate the wonderful occasion tomorrow. I love weddings; they're like big family reunions, except for the fact that half the people there aren't in your family, so it's twice as fun. What more could you ask for, right?

Well, I do have one thing I could ask for. I realized about two hours ago that I have no freaking idea where my wallet is. I had it with me when I left my hair appointment (my hair is now very short and spiky as opposed to shoulder-length and curly), but now it has completely disappeared. I have checked everywhere in the house, but I'm positive it's here. So, if you all don't mind praying for my wallet's reappearance, that would be great. I know it sounds trivial, but I have a lot of important stuff in there.

Other than that, everything is going well. Hope all is well with y'all, too. Later.

Update 5/13/2007: Success! The wallet was found. It had fallen behind a stack of books for some reason. Either way, I'm glad I know where it is. The wedding was fabulous, and now I'm going to bed.


The Beast said...

Prayers are going up, mate!!! Take care and have fun at the wedding!

Pomoprophet said...

I think you should take a picture of your new hair. Eyes up or something. We wanna see! Welcome home. Tell us where you found your wallet. Are you the forgetful type?

Brandon said...

Sorry to hear life has slowed down for you, Jay. Dial up is sort of becoming rather ancient, isn't it? I'm in the same boat myself.

Hope the wedding goes well, and you all have a good time. And hope you also find that wallet.

Beast said...

Congratulations to the tracking of your wallet! Praise God for the awesome wedding!