Friday, March 02, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I have been neglecting the blog lately, as I'm sure you've probably noticed. Only four posts in February? I find that pretty sad, especially seeing as I haven't been all that busy. I suppose nothing has been hitting me.

Actually, I take that back. Plenty of stuff has been hitting me. I get ideas for posts -- trivial or insightful -- every day. It's just hard to put the ideas to paper (or screen). I've had thoughts about dealing with pride, the struggles to be humble, some insights into Romans 1, and many, many, other things. And yet, you all don't know about them because I just don't happen to write them, which is a shame, because I really do appreciate feedback.

Well, hopefully March will be a much better blogging month (I can't believe it's here already -- New Year's seemed like yesterday). I'm heading down to New Orleans for Spring Break to do volunteer work, and I am literally praying that there will be Internet access in the hotel. "Live blogging" the trip will be really fun, I think. So keep coming back if you want to hear about the developments, for I'm sure they'll be interesting. Anyway, aside from the blogging funk, things are going well. Hope you're all doing good, too. God Bless.


Brady said...

Have fun in NOLA, Jay. It's my favorite city. I hope to move there some day. I also had a friend that went there to help rebuild last year for spring break. He liked it so much he moved there. Maybe you will too ;-)

Pomoprophet said...

feb went by fast! i hope this isnt growing old syndrome! :) when is your SB?

grace said...

Hi Jay! Good to hear from you! I'm SO looking forward to my spring break. I'll be job hunting in OK....they have a state-wide spring break time and it's different than ours...I hope to make some contacts.

Good luck with your trip. I'll pray for you...well...I'll add that to the prayers I already say for you! :)

much love,

MR said...

Let me introduce myself. I am a Christian man who has been happily celibate with God's help all of my 47 years. I have been tempted by SSA my entire adult life but that does not define who I am. A joyful, passionate, living relationship with Jesus has been so fulfilling to me that I want to do my best to communicate how good it is!

I really appreciate your honesty and clarity of writing. I look forward to leaving more comments.