Friday, September 22, 2006

A Random Rant To End The Week

I usually like to keep my prayers rather serious, but when I got out of U.S. History today I had to give a quick "Thank God it's Friday!" I meant it; I'm glad this week is over, and that I made it through in one piece.

Of course, I couldn't have done that without all of your prayers and support. Sorry if that last post seemed over-dramatic. I really was feeling down, but I'm at 100% now, trust me. For one, the weather has been absolutely, positively gorgeous. If clear skies and perfect temperatures can't bring up your spirits, then I don't know what can. I also decided to stop stressing about classes so much. That'll probably cost me later (especially seeing as I have three--count 'em, three--exams next week), but I think emotional well-being is worth a few less points on a test.

And, most importantly, I decided to (forgive the cliché) let go and let God. The future is something that is too complicated to worry about. All I can do is serve God now, and have faith that He'll provide. Now, it's Friday and I won't be able to post again until Monday. I'm going home this weekend. The Good: Family and friends. :-) The Bad: Dial-up connection :-(

Therefore I'll just post some random things that happened this week:

1. I didn't get to go with Tanya to the rosary yesterday, which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to it. There was a mix-up and she forgot the time, so it's really her fault, not that I blame her. ;-) Hopefully we'll go next week. Either way, I've decided that I need to start having my own prayer time where I sit down and pray, not for myself, but for others. It's something that I simply don't do enough because my prayers tend to be very self-centered.

2. We went salsa dancing on Wednesday. I have to say I looked the part (a girl said I looked like Adrian Brody trying to be Antonio Banderas...okay, so maybe I didn't look that much the part). Not to mention the fact that I have the rhythm and coordination of a wounded duck. I probably was the biggest dope out there, but hey, I had fun.

3. Okay, now for my political/social musing for the week. Two of my favorite bloggers (La Shawn Barber and Randy Thomas) are at the Values Voter Summit as I speak, an event sponsored by the Family Research Council. The event is set up to discuss political issues important to conservative Christians. You can bet the Federal Marriage Amendment will come up. Personally, I'm against it. The Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by Bill Clinton) is perfectly sufficient in my opinion.

Earlier today, I made the mistake of confusing the Family Research Council with the Family Research Institute. A reader pointed that out to me (thanks again!). FRC seems to be a decent organization. FRI, not so much. Why? Because their Chairman--Paul Cameron--is a moron. I don't usually go to "The Daily Show" for news (though I do think it's hilarious), but the interview they did with Cameron was unbelievable. The subject they were discussing was whether or not gays should serve in the military. I won't go into my opinions on that here, but I will link to the interview (view at your own risk). Simply put, Cameron made some ridiculous assertions and looked like an idiot without TDS having to do much on their part. I especially liked when he said that gay men enjoyed a certain sex act that I had never even heard of, let alone been tempted to do, and out of decency won't print here. Needless to say it's something extremely disgusting and I was ready to punch the screen when he said, "I guess if I was gay, that would be something I'd like to do."

I hope this man's realm of influence is limited. He's the exact type of guy that hurts the cause of ministering to gays and lesbians. Heck, he hurts the cause of ministering to anyone. Geez! Okay. Rant over. Have a good weekend, y'all!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jay,
I've been reading your blog, and I really enjoy your word. I think your honesty and frankness is refreshing and encouraging, and I think God is using you in powerful ways. May God continue you to show you the surpassing greatness of Jesus Christ!

One correction I thought I should note: Paul Cameron is NOT with FRC, he's Chairman of FRI (I for Institute). I think his work has been cited by FRC in the past, but he's not on their payroll in way, shape or form. I disagree with his tactics, too -- and sometimes with FRC's. But I don't want people to think Cameron is head of FRC... Just passing that on.

Jay said...
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Jay said...

Whoops! You're right! Thanks for the correction. I'll have to change that. Forgive me for the error (Though I doubt I'm the first to get the two groups confused).

Hm. Just did some more research, seems like FRI is considered an official hate group. Guess that pretty much de-bunks all of point three. Major editing needed now.

Hey, you don't have to be anonymous, y'know? If you're not a blogger, sign in under "Other" and put in your name (or pen-name, if you don't want to display your real one). It would just help me keep track of your comments so I could respond better to future ones.

Irrational Entity said...

While FRC also promotes bad information about homosexuality, FRI is far worse. Both link homosexuality with pedophilia, decreased life spans, and various other negatives, but FRI goes entirely overboard. Paul Cameron even argued homosexual sex is better than heterosexual sex, so people must be on their guard against seduction into the lifestyle.

The usage of these tactics is one of the most disturbing aspects of many anti-gay organizations. They are free to believe homosexual behavior is immoral just as a Hindu is free to believe eating beef is immoral. Neither group should use inaccurate or distorted information to support those beliefs.

Jay said...

You're right. Though I disagree with FRC on some things, at least they don't seem to be too vulgar about it.

I dislike those tactics too, especially when ex-gay ministries use them. Mainly, it seems like overkill to me. It takes God out of the equation to a certain degree, turning it into "I'm refraining from gay sex because it's unhealthy," instead of "I'm refraining from gay sex because that's what God wants me to do." The latter is the most important.

Norm! said...

Jay: "...It takes God out of the equation to a certain degree, turning it into "I'm refraining from gay sex because it's unhealthy," instead of "I'm refraining from gay sex because that's what God wants me to do." The latter is the most important. "

You're right. I think these right-wing organizations main purpose isn't to evangelize to GLBT peoples, but to 'preach to the choir' and to affirm anti-gay bias in society at large.

During the 90s, there was an anti-gay video circulating in churches and on public access (I forgot the video's name). It included the usual gay pride S&M/leather footage, list of the sex practices all gays supposedly practice, and a graphic description of the harm caused by anal sex. So someone came out with a hilarious anti-straight sex video that listed all the unusual hetero sexual practices and a graphic description of the harm caused by vaginal sex. So, the "unhealthy" argument can be manipulated in many ways.

Bruce Garrett said...

I hope this man's realm of influence is limited.

Well I'm sorry to have to say his influence is broad and pervasive. It's interesting you haven't heard of him before now, but not entirely surprising. Paul Cameron's junk science is at the root of nearly every claim about the medical and social consequences of homosexuality that you may have ever heard from most conservative religious groups and ex-gay ministries, and he's been at it for longer then you've walked this good earth. From the claim that gay males only live an average of 46 years, to claims made about gays and child molestation, gays and matter where you may have heard it first...if you drill down you find Mr. Cameron there as the source.

He's pretty well discredited these days...his reputation is not only that of someone whose own research is deeply flawed, but who also grossly distorts the research of others...yet his bogus facts and figures about homosexuals and homosexuality keep being cited. William Bennett once quoted his bogus figure on gay lifespan on network TV. When he was challenged on it, he said he got the figure not only from Cameron, but another source as well. But it turned out that source was themselves quoting Cameron. That's generally how it goes, and my understanding is that the FRC isn't above using his work either. It may be two or three cites removed from Cameron when they use it...but when you hear them talking about the medical or social dangers of homosexuality, it's a pretty safe bet they're using his research as a basis. Just several cites removed.

The man is quite proud of his work's influence on the public discussion about homosexuality.

I know pretty much what you may have been feeling when you heard him describing that particular sex act (it's...not even sex as far as I'm concerned). Yes, it's really frustrating to hear him telling people things that you know from first hand experience are not merely untrue, but grotesquely so. But that's not what you need to pay attention to. Pay attention to how often his lies are repeated by otherwise decent people who wouldn't dream of defaming anyone. It's one thing to stand up for your religious beliefs, and another to flatly lie about your neighbor and call that standing up for your religious beliefs too. What ninth commandment, eh?