Monday, August 03, 2009

Things To Come

Blogging has been going slow lately, as you have no doubt noticed. It's not that I don't have ideas, because I really do. I want to blog more about the fluidity of sexuality and how that could possibly relate to ideas of "change." But aside from SSA stuff, I also want to blog about my political philosophy (as suggested by commenter TRiG). I'm not a political science major, so many of my ideas are probably subject to change and are simply what I think works best in society as far as I know of them. I also want to write more about my artistic background and the types of music and artwork I appreciate. I've written about my appreciation of children's literature and epic literature before, so I wouldn't mind writing similar pieces about music and visual art.

But before all that, I am in RA training for the next two weeks. Lots of meetings, workshops, and team-builders, which I need to try and be chipper and happy about (that should make things go faster, right?) Then school starts, and I'm officially a senior (say what?) So the blog isn't exactly on a hiatus. If something major happens or I'm struck by a brilliant idea, I'll blog about it. Till then, there are things to come, but they just might take awhile. Peace!

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