Monday, June 30, 2008

Give Me A Break...

So, I was doing a little research into the Abercrombie brand after reading Ellie's superb comment on my previous post. Unfortunately, I came across this little announcement from Americans for Truth, in which they announced that Abercrombie, Ameriprise, Brinker International, and Walt Disney "promoted" homosexuality.

What makes them think that?

Well, the Human Rights Campaign had announced that those companies had "perfect scores" when it came to their workplace policies for GLBT employees. Now I'm not totally certain what a perfect score would entail, but I'm guessing the main thing would be that discrimination based on sexual orientation would be banned. In my opinion, that's a good thing. No one needs to be fired (or not hired) because of who they sleep with (or heck, who they simply want to sleep with). But I guess Americans for Truth doesn't see it that way.

There is no explicit call in the announcement for a boycott of those companies, but it's pretty much implied. Why else announce it? Now, there might be good reasons for Christians to not shop at Abercrombie; myself and Ellie somewhat outlined them in the last post and subsequent comment thread. However, boycotting a company just because they don't mind if your checkout girl is a lesbian is stupid. You shouldn't mind, either, unless you have the same kind of aversion to liars, fornicators, cheaters, etc. And if you do, you must not get out much at all. That, and you have some serious self-denial issues.

There are appropriate places to talk about the sinfulness of homosexual practice, and they are usually referred to as pulpits. Taking this issue to the workplace, where most people simply want to go, do their job, and collect their paycheck, is reprehensible to me. Not discriminating against gay employees doesn't "promote" homosexuality any more than not discriminating against Buddhist ones "promotes" Buddhism. Am I the only conservative Christian out there that sees it this way? Give me a break, people.

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