Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am truly blessed. It's hard to realize how blessed you are when you're surrounded by so much noise in the form of television, movies, music, video games, et al. There's just so much complicated stuff going on that you can't sit back and realize what a wonderful gift the "small," essential things can be. When you put yourself near those that have less, though, it's easy to see how much you've been given.

This past weekend I worked at a homeless shelter, serving lunch to those who do not have the same things I do. It was a cold and icy morning outside, but I got to wake up warm in my bed, put on a nice big coat, and drive my heated car to the shelter. I also grabbed a granola bar for breakfast on my way out, forgetting that so many people would find that a precious luxury.

Honestly, these people have nowhere to go, and nothing about them really struck out as "homeless." According to the other workers there, when they are done with lunch many of them make their way to Wal-Mart or the mall (on a nice day, of course). That blew my mind. People I pass on the street might not have anywhere to go. They might not have food to eat. Not even a little granola bar as they walk out the door.

The experience was so humbling, I just have to go back. I have this burning desire to serve the needy now, to show the love of Christ, and even share the Gospel, which is the greatest blessing of all.

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