Sunday, January 14, 2007

First Week Back

Hello all! Sorry for the blogging silence recently. This was my first week back in class, so I've been spending a lot of time wallowing in my bed crying over my various textbooks and course outlines for the new batch of classes I'm taking this semester. I believe most of the thoughts going through my head are along the lines of "Kill me know, God!" or "Why me?" And of course, this is before any of the actual work for the course has even started.

I'm looking forward to this semester though. I can't wait for my Bible study to start meeting again (awesome group of guys, BTW. There might be a more complete post on them later). I also can't wait to start going back to the Presbyterian church I've been going to (shh, don't tell my Methodist family ;) And of course I'm looking forward to my writing class. Maybe it will help my lagging creative juices get flowing again. If I write anything really good, I'll be sure to post it here. Because, you know, I'm just a show-off like that. ;)

One thing that I must comment on is the professorial eye candy at this college. Truly, it has to be stated. Simply put, I'm going to be mightily distracted during one of my science classes. My teacher (a graduate student) is the epitome of my type -- lanky, glasses, unkempt hair, no style, and a slight lisp. As he spoke of the basics of environmental ecology I found myself turning into a little schoolgirl. Sweet Molasses, this semester's going to be hard. =) And yes, after realizing the awful truth that I am, indeed, attracted to nerds (possibly a more troubling revelation than being attracted to guys), I have decided that I need to buy one or both of the t-shirts displayed here. Have a good day, guys! I'll have a more serious, thought-provoking post next time, I promise!

By the way, it was over 70 degrees here today. My friends all went to the beach, but I, alas, was working. I'll be there tomorrow, though, provided it doesn't rain.

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