Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why I Love The East Coast In Hurricane Season

Oh, it's that time of year again. Goodie, goodie :-) That's right, Ernesto is knocking on NC's door--and Wilmington is in its first Hurricane Watch of the season. It's been raining non-stop all day. Chancellor's Walk is practically a river and some students have been sighted kayaking to class (okay, it's not that bad, but it was a joke, nyuk, nyuk). Classes have been cancelled this afternoon and tomorrow morning, so everyone's basically trapped inside the dorm together until this thing blows over (not that anyone's complaining, since hey, classes are cancelled).

Honestly, as a native Carolinian, I've seen local politicians with more wind than Ernesto. It's so funny to hear the news hype up storms like this. Hurricanes are a part of life in Carolina (we even have a hockey team named after them, w00t w00t! 'Canes Shout-out!). I doubt any of the locals are very worried about the storm. Then again, it's always nice to be prepared. Flooding's always an issue in coastal towns and it's definitely a problem on campus (I wasn't kidding about the Walk looking like a river ;-) Of course I'm praying that the damage will be minimal and that we'll all get on with our lives in a short amount of time.

But...I'm also praying that classes stay cancelled. Not that it does me much good, since most teachers assign online homework and expect you to turn it in regardless of whether or not you go to class. Alas, it is a downside of the Internet Age.

Well, I pray that anyone else in the storm's path stay safe during this time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to swim on over to the Dining Hall (they have BBQ Wings tonight!)


kurt_t said...

You still have to turn in your work?! That's not right.

I started college at DePaul in Chicago just in time for the Blizzard of '79. I think classes got cancelled twice because of snow.

I mean snow like "Keep digging. I'm pretty sure my car is down there somewhere."

But back in those days when classes got cancelled that meant you had an extra day to work on your papers and study for your...

Wait. I take that back. When classes got cancelled that meant you built a snow fort in the parking lot and drank beer.

Oh yeah. It's all coming back to me now.

Jay said...

It's not right, it's downright criminal! I have 40+ Algebra problems and a Psychology paper to turn in by Monday (yeah, Labor Day!). I have to do the math through a computer program (the software for which I had to buy myself) and then e-mail it to my professor. The Psychology paper just has to be typed on a word document and then mailed as an attachment. All this while Ernesto is pounding the campus. Hope no one gets on me if I don't update for a while ;-)

Cheryl of the Wilds of C said...

Stay safe, Jay. Thinking about ya.

Angie said...

"I've seen local politicians with more wind than Ernesto." Oh, that's brilliant! Love it!

I'm here in Mississippi - survived Katrina this time last year. So, Ernesto has a tough act to follow.

OK - I'm old. I can't believe how much college has changed on the technological end. You can't seem to really get out of doing anything. Where's the fun in that?

Man, don't feel the pressure to blog consistently... just blog when you can. The nature of college life will probably direct it. But it is wonderful to have your new blog, and I want to encourage you to stick with it for the long haul.

The only way to do that is one rainy day at a time!

Take care, new friend!

em said...

Sounds like good times. I had a chat with my little sister in NC this morning, and she said it was perfect sleeping weather. But, considering all the stuff you've got to get done, I hope you're not sleeping! Back to work...