Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thoughts On Mike S. Adams (A.K.A. Live It Or Leave The Building!)

Something I read recently made me feel very annoyed... And slightly angry. For those who don't keep up with the conservative columnists on (and the only reason I do is because I'm a total nerd,) Mike S. Adams is one of the most popular ones. He's a conservative professor at UNC Wilmington, a former atheist and born-again Christian. He often comments on political issues, especially at the college campus level. You can read some of his stuff on the site.

Now the description sounds great on paper, but I'm not too big a fan of Dr. Adams. He's rather crude in his writing and often talks about how much he enjoys "making fun" of liberals, feminists, etc. His website has a section in which he responds, usually humorously, to hate mail. This was the latest entry (I've taken the liberty of removing spelling errors, since they annoy me too.)

"Mr. Adams: Your columns are among the most insensitive I have ever read. George Will and other true conservatives must be embarrassed by your rants. Have you given no thought to the needs of the many young boys who are experiencing gender identity crises?


I don't know if that qualifies as hate mail, and I'm not sure if Lauren was speaking from a conservative or liberal stance about the "special needs" of a boy with a gender identity crisis. Either way, I was shocked by Dr. Adams's response. I've taken the liberty of removing his use of expletives, for obvious reasons.

"Hi Lauren. I agree with you that young boys experiencing gender identity confusion have special needs. I have given the matter considerable thought. I think a young boy who thinks he's a girl needs a serious [expletive] whipping. Parents who hear a child whining that he feels like a girl trapped in a boy's body should attend to his needs by whipping his [expletive] immediately.

As you can see, Lauren, I've given serious thought to this matter. Is there any other subject about which you wish to survey my thoughts or feelings?

Mike Adams."

Ahem. Yeah that pretty much made my jaw drop too. I realize that Adams is a humorist, but as a Christian, he should know better than that. I know he's not idiotic enough to actually think that [expletive] whippings are going to cure gender identity confusion. I hope he doesn't think that titling his articles "Martin Luther Queen, Jr.," "The Fruits Of Wrath," and "The Old Rugged Cross-Dresser" is going to help him convert gays to Christianity. And then there's a recent stunt of his, in which he encouraged some Christian students to hang up 1,000 posters of two men engaged in sodomy around campus just one hour before parents arrived for Parent's Weekend. True, the posters were from a school-supported gay magazine and even had the words "Celebrate Diversity" on them. But if Adams thought that his stunt was in any way, shape or form Christlike, then he and I aren't serving the same Christ. I'm not even getting started on his idea for "Marry Anything Day." Ugh.

Which brings me to my final point. I usually don't mind pundits at all. I especially like them when they talk about politics from a Christian perspective, yet I do not like Adams. The love, the compassion, the hope and humility that is in Christianity is not evident in his writings. He talks about how much the gays are ruining this country, but the solution he writes about only involves shutting them up, not helping them find Christ. He continues to make mean jokes, put people down, all in the name of humor. I'm sure it gets him a lot of readers: I just hope that it doesn't cost him something much greater. My biggest suggestion to people like Adams (that means you, Ann Coulter) is to either be a Christian -- which means openly express the healing and forgiveness which can be brought through Jesus Christ, not just the doctrinal opinions -- or get out of the building.

I may be alone in this. I am writing a little too emotionally right now. What do you guys think of Dr. Adams? (I suggest you read some of his articles before you comment.)

P.S. The "building" that I refer to is not Christianity. By no means do I think that anyone should leave the church just because they're not the most savory character. I'm referring to conservative commentary in the name of Christianity. Just wanted to make that clear.


Colleen said...

I just read some of the articles. It's kind of hard not to be emotional after that! Arguments that focus on being the wittiest or snidest or most sarcastic just go round and round and round. There is no end, no resolve. Whoever can think quickest on their feet and make the other guy look silly wins. To me it's a lot of patting one's self on the back.

Colleen said...

So what do I think of Dr. Adams? His comments break my heart, make me angry and sad. I almost wish people would just stop responding to him because it adds so much fuel to his fire. He relishes the stir he creates.

Jay said...

Thanks for the comment, Colleen. I agree that Adams' comments don't do much in resolving issues, but then again, that's why he's a commentator and not actually in politics. He does choose his words poorly, though.

Hope to hear from you again,

grace said...

I can't STAND that sort of rhetoric, not to mention just plain rudeness. It's destructive.
love ya!

Brady said...

Hey Jay. Thanks for the wedding congrats in the last comment.

I agree with you and Grace- this kind or rhetoric gets me so angry, and I find it offensive that certain people like this can claim they stand for morality and family values while spewing this type of stuff.

Then again, I'm not partial to any overly partisan pundits, writers, bloggers, etc. Anyone that constantly stereotypes an entire political party or worldview as completely negative is hurting their own credibility more than they are helping it, in my view.

Although, it's human nature to fight against a common enemy, so that's why so many of these guys (on the right and the left) are so popular, sadly enough.

Randy said...

I am all for churning up the waters and telling it like it is but I agree with you that this columnist is more concerened with sensationalism rather than actually making a true difference.

Jay said...

Brady: I'm not for partisan politics either (Independent in the house!). I think it's made government into some long, drawn-out game. Too bad they're playing with the fate of a nation.

Randy: I like columnists that tell it like it is, too. And I agree with Dr. Adams on most things (Ann Coulter too, believe it or not). It's their tactics that I question. No liberal's going to change their mind about things if all you do is insult them.

Robert said...

My life experience has told me that people who go from one extreme to the other (e.g. communist to conservative, atheist to born again Christian) most often have intense personal problems that keeps them from having well-reasoned, sincere beliefs.

Jay said...

Dear Anonymous (you know I know who you are, sweetheart!)

Thanks for the comment, but you should know (and I should have told you) that I don't use my real name on this blog for privacy reasons. I've deleted your comment but am reprinting it below with my name taken out. I'm so glad you visited, and I hope you come again :)


Very well written!
I enjoyed myself.

I concur with your opinions as you should know I would.


Jay said...

Robert: I disagree. Dr. Adams' opinions are rather well-reasoned. He is right on the money (in my opinion) when it comes to free speech and other issues. He is simply callous towards gays and lesbians. I believe it's an instance of him confusing a personal bias for a religous one.

TRiG said...

I read a fair bit of that Townhall comment thread.

That was a mistake.

I did, however, resist the temptation to sign up myself.

I really must revive my own blog and do my ranting there instead of on other people's comment fora.